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And so it begins ...

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I've been struggling with long-term Writer's Block (2.5 years) after having had a minor stroke. Whenever I go to write, I am filled with self-doubt, something that had not been there before. So now I find myself in the position of having sold the end of the Silken Magic series (MAGIC'S SILKEN SNARE, THE SILKEN SHROUD and, in progress, SOVEREIGN SILK) and the beginning of another series. I've been urged to open my own LJ blog and so, after much delay, here I am.

For those interested (just in case I'm not the only one reading these words ...), my full fiction publications to date have been listed at the end of my bio. If you come by, please pull up the virtual chair, share a cup of tea, chat or just watch my thought processes, as you wish.

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On October 4th, 2006 10:07 pm (UTC), difrancis commented:
Hi! Oh, so sorry to hear about the stroke. I knew you'd gone silent quite a bit, but didn't know why. I'd hoped it was for happy reasons. How are you feeling these days? And your family?

Good to see you here!

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