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Мезонин на стеллажах конструируется и собирается на базе стоек модульных полочных стеллажей. В отличие от отдельно стоящего мезонина, на который стеллажи устанавливаются (то есть сначала монтируется мезонин, а потом на него – стеллажи), стеллажно-мезонинная конструкция представляет собой единое целое. Основой системы являются вертикальные стойки, могущие достигать 10 метров, на которых собираются стеллажи.

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Качественное функционирование логистических предприятий определяется надежностью и прогрессивностью техоборудования, к категории которого можно отнести и мезонинные стеллажи.

Такие стеллажные устройства обычно используются в промышленных складских помещениях, где имеется потребность в погрузке, а также разгрузке продукции и комплектации заказов. Подобными складами владеют предприятия пищевой направленности, химической, косметической, медицинской. Они выпускают свои изделия небольшими партиями, которые порой сразу сложно отыскать на складе. В этом случае выручают мезонинные стеллажи.

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Стеллажи для склада - это стационарные и динамические стеллажные системы хранения грузов, представленные в широком ассортименте.
Фронтальные паллетные стеллажи – это самая распространенная и доступная по цене конструкция стеллажей для поддонов. Фронтальные грузовые стеллажи применяются на складах различного предназначения.

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Good morning!

Hey, Joey! Great to see you. How are you doing these days?

Well, I've just finished my first cup of tea -- English Breakfast, sweet with a bit of milk -- and feel all nice and warm inside. I've been working on the content of my website that my brother is graciously putting together for me. Honey, the largest of my three dogs, is occupying the area beneath my desk so I'm typing side-saddle, so to speak.

I went to WFC and had a chance to meet my editor. Surprisingly, all went well considering how late on my deadlines I am.

So, world, what's happening with you?


Just dropping in ...

It's been a long while, but I'm checking in to see what's happening. I'll write more later.

Hail and well met!

I haven't clicked in to Live Journal yet to be posting regularly because I keep getting thrown loops called life. Mom died in May and I'm still trying to comprehend that. Nice seeing you.

Folks who might still be hanging around ... Dr. Fitzmorris here is my closest high school buddy whom the focal character of my Gypsy Silk series (Luciana) is based on. Congrats, Lucia, you've been Tuckerized.


Long lost friends! It's great to see/find you!

Heat Management

Heat Management = Migraines = +~Pain Treatment = Sleep all day

Yes, I slept all day. ALLLLLL Day, through the significantly higher temps, waking occasionally for fluid intake. I am now awake without the heat migraine! Yay! Dinner is tuna fish salad (cold) on toast with fresh, cold tomatoes and a couple of chips and already made! Life could be better bu a few degrees cooler, but I'm not complaining at the moment.

Story for Lace and Blade 2 goes out tonight after reformatting for specs and then contiue working on "Wolfdaughter," one of my novels (first for prospective new series) due to DAW.

Today ... Life in the land of Heat

I'm having an interesting day ... which is the best that can be said in this weather.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby announce, proclaim and confess that where the heat is concerned, I'm a ninny. If the temp is over 74 degrees, I'm looking for a fan, 80s and I want an air conditioner. My beloved husband does not understand swamp coolers and dehumidifiers are NOT air conditioners and do not do the job. He, of course, works in a traditional office with lots of air conditioning. He's going to be real surprised one day when I come to work with him.

Our freezer, for various reasons that are beside the point, does not make ice, so cold drinks are turning into measurably HOT drinks. Y'know, I understand that some people like warmed Dr. Pepper. Let me be very clear, I AM NOT ONE OF THEM. Water must be bottled and, thankfully, for some extremely strange reason (one more weird thing about my body) drinking cold water (more than a sip or two) gives me the kind of headache you get when someone dunks you deep, repeatedly in the swimming pool. One thing in my favor. I get room temp (HOT) bottled water. Y'know, there's a happy medium, folks?

Oh! Did I mention, the neighbors have a swimming pool? I've never been invited over, but one afternoon, they may come home to find a floater in their pool. (I do swim, but when it's hot, I like to float.)

So, hopefully there was some humor there and not just pure whine.

On the good side of things (well, it's not good that a month a two days since Mom passed), my Dad is learning to actually reach out a little. We have daily phone calls that I usually initiate, but today HE called ME! Wow! Dad's never really "been there" because of his military and FAA careers taking him away, so this is a big jump. Now, after 20+ and 23+ years in both those jobs, he's now consulting.

Well, I'm waiting for feedback on my two final readers before I send a short story off to an editor. I like the heat better than waiting. ARRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I've also written on one of the three novel projects I've got on the burner.

I'm getting an air conditioner.


Reading material

I just finished reading A POSSE OF PRINCESSES (title and author name sold me!). What a great book! Loads of fun, character depth, funny and human! And they had to wait, too! Even the Mommy in me is happy.

I've also been reading and enjoying the LACE AND BLADE anthology (Norilana Press, completely accidentally, is getting all of my reading time!) and enjoying short works, too.

Beyond reading, I find that I'm writing more and I'm more than confident that there is a correlation between reading and writing. I'll continue to read and report on my experience.